Facilliznce Climate ONE

Monitor and oversee your journey towards achieving Net Zero Carbon by tracking CO2 emissions and exploring a diverse array of strategies for reducing emissions.

Establish decarbonization objectives, gain an understanding of the emissions allowance for the target year, assess annual advancements in relation to the goals, and access valuable analytical data.


Automated IoT Based Data Collection

Integrates either with existing infrastructure (sensors / BMS) or install proprietary IoT hardware to collect asset performance data and critical operational parameters like leaks, fuel level etc. for continuous monitoring.

Carbon Footprint Reporting

The platform facilitates to calculation the carbon footprint of a commercial building for energy and water, building owners and managers will need to collect data on the following:

Energy consumption from all sources, such as electricity, natural gas, and propane.
Water consumption.
The carbon intensity of the energy sources used.

Waste Management Tracker

The waste produced by built environments and tenants can also contribute to carbon emissions through its manufacturing. The system measures and tracks common wast like Paper, Plastic, Metal, Food, Electronics, and Batteries. This gives a fair idea of hoe to reduce the same

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