Building Asset Management System

To bring all critical asset information to your fingertips in a snap

Assets in buildings are monitored using manual and periodic processes, which make them difficult to manage, less efficient and prone to breakdowns. Breakdowns causes cost of repairs to shoot up and reduces asset life significantly.Several asset types like Elevators, Motors, HVAC, and Boiler etc. are part of building operations.Take advantage of AI to help with asset awareness.


Automated IoT Based Data Collection

Integrates either with existing infrastructure (sensors / BMS) or install proprietary IoT hardware to collect asset performance data and critical operational parameters like leaks, fuel level etc. for continuous monitoring.

On the Spot Fault Detection

Embedded asset performance analytics along with visualized Maintenance and Fault history data ensures technicians to be agile and detect faults and perform diagnosis immediately.

Predictive Maintenance

Our Machine Learning Algorithms continuously search for signs of inefficient conditions like spikes, short cycling and other fault signatures to predict condition based maintenance requirements that helps avoid breakdown.

Preventive Maintenance

Enable preventive maintenance which is based on asset utility compared to periodical maintenance. Helps reduce maintenance labour costs and improve asset uptime.

Continuous AI Based Insights

Specialized asset specific algorithms track functionality and performance to recommend optimized configurations and low or no cost corrective actions that can extend asset life and save energy. Also alerts off-schedule operations in real-time to help take action that minimizes energy wastage.

Key Benefits

Optimized Maintenance

30% Savings on maintenance and repair costs

Eliminate Waste

Up to 25% cut in energy bills

Improved Asset Life up to 15%

Reduced downtime’s, improved asset utilization

Higher returns on capital investment


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