Automated Tenant Billing System (ATBS)

to automate billing and improve transparency.

Facility managers and teams spend 100s of hours to calculate monthly bills for each tenant in multi-tenant establishments today, and are burdened by manual errors delaying revenue generation. ATBS helps you to move on from cumbersome spreadsheets and gain a simplified error free billing process. Also automate data collection using IoT based sub-metering to eliminate monthly redundant tasks.


Automated Billing

Our system automates the entire billing process, accurately allocates utility billing, generator hours, common area maintenance and other billable services applying relevant customer policies.

Tenant Hourly Scheduler

A visual and Calendar based Tenant scheduler to schedule office hours and usage hours of each tenant. It also separates regular hours Vs peak hours. The tenant portal / App helps tenants to request additional usage hours.

Automated IoT Based Meter Reading (Optional)

Our system is capable of integrating either with existing infrastructure (BMS) or install our proprietary IoT hardware to tap data from tenant and common area energy meters.

Mobile Based Meter Reading

Our QR code based meter reading mobile APP solves the last mile problem of paper based meter reading system. The App has built-in cross checking, validations and off-line capabilities so that it works at basements of buildings too.

Optional Tenant Portal

The system allows to monitor and control the energy consumption habits and patterns of the Tenant costs. The daily, weekly and monthly reports gives the awareness of utilization. The forecasting routine helps customer for budgeting.

Key Benefits

Improved productivity up to 20%

Reduced travel time for operators

Improve Cash

flow through streamlined billing

Reduced Billing Disputes

Premium Client Experience


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