Facillizence Integra

Although the Facillizence Platform provides an extensive range of tools for digitizing and enhancing operations, our primary approach is to leverage existing resources.

Facillizence Integra effectively extracts and shares data with other real estate technology collects IoT data, utilizes building sensors, and enhances critical infrastructure to attain deeper insights and enhance automation. Furthermore, it goes beyond this by offering APIs for seamless integration with third-party solutions and ERPs.



The BacNet protocol-based engine brings BMS data out of the basement and optimizes, its use.

IoT EDGE Framework

The retrofit framework connects any standard-based digital utility meters to the Facillizwence system for consumption tracking.

Smart Sensors Integrations

This IoT framework enables third-party sensors to integrate with the Facillizence Application. The platform comes with Gateways and Software to facilitate this.

Facillizence APIs

It facilitates two-way communication between Facillence systems and external systems through secure APIs. Now, Facillizence can access data from Gate Management Systems, Inventory Systems, or even hardware APIs like fingerprint-based attendance.

ERP Integration

Special APIs are available to integrate systems like Zoho CRM or SAP, allowing for unified dashboards, data correlation, and the creation of new business scenarios to aid decision-makers in making informed decisions.

Key Benefits

Seamless Integration Across Systems

Information Exchange Across Organisation

Unified Connectivity


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