Smart Energy Management System

for Data Driven Energy Management

In most buildings energy consumption readings are recorded manually once or twice each day by operators, which is then entered into excel sheets for archival purposes. This process is inefficient and lack of continuous data is also affecting ability of buildings to understand consumption patterns. Transform your building into energy efficient and sustainable ones with SEMS.


Energy Monitoring

Smart energy management system enables a centralized dashboard for all things related to energy consumption. The system helps track up to 20 parameters that are captured from energy meters and archives it for later use.

Advanced Energy Analytics

Using our advanced analysis feature one can analyse trends associated with energy consumption between multiple periods or multiple spaces. One can also perform root-cause analysis for high energy bills using archived consumption data.

Automated IoT Based Meter Reading

Our system is capable of integrating either with existing infrastructure (BMS) or install our proprietary IoT hardware to tap data from tenant and common area energy meters.

Energy Consumption Benchmarks

Our systems helps customers to gain more “Green Credits’. It compares per SQFT consumption with benchmark, and help to fine-tune the consumption patterns. It helps to get the green building certifications from ECBC, LEED etc.

Optional Tenant Portal

The system allows to monitor and control the energy consumption habits and patterns of the Tenant costs. The daily, weekly and monthly reports gives the awareness of utilization. The forecasting routine helps customer for budgeting.

Key Benefits

Improved Transparency for managers & operators

Energy Star rating and ECBC credits

Track & reduce carbon emissions from building operations


Start transforming your buildings today

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