Facillizence ONE FM

Transform, measure, oversee, and manage all aspects of Facilities Operations and Maintenance (O&M) through digitization and App enablement. A unified platform for comprehensive operations, maintenance planning, and scheduling encompassing corrective, reactive, breakdown, inspections, routines, and audits. This integrated approach not only reduces costs but also minimizes downtime. The user-friendly interface, offline-capable mobile apps, and dashboards ensure seamless and efficient Facilities Management (FM) operations, enhancing productivity for both hard and soft services


Smart Work Order Management

End to end work requests management system with both mobile and Web based interfaces. Makes MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) tracking smooth, transparent and efficient between facility management, service providers, tenants and occupants.

Mobile PPM (Planned Preventive Management)

Systems comes with 200+ preloaded PPMs templates accessible from mobile devices, which completely changes PPM process. No more paper readings, our QR code system ensures the quality of process

Paperless Documentation

Bring every asset/equipment in the building online and digitize all data of these assets, including PPM, Maintenance schedule, Manuals, Vendor details, Spec Sheets, AMCs etc. All assets and spaces are mapped according to their hierarchy and location for easy tracking and management. MEP line diagrams also digitized for remote access from mobile.

Tenant Portal

Enable tenants to raise, escalate and close tickets to help interact with facility management and get issues resolved.

Automatic Work Requests & Alarms

The back-end Rules Engine skims through maintenance readings for trends, and alerts concerned stakeholders for potential issues. Also triggers the alarms when any compliance abnormality found, and the system raises work requests automatically.

Key Benefits

Improved productivity up to 20%

Full transparency for managers, reduced travel time for operators

Easier Compliance

Alerts for Maintenance schedule deviation, vendor accountability, process deviation

Improved Costs

CAM Charges per SQFT can be reduced

Central Repository

All documents can be accessed from single location


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