Occupant Comfort Experience System

Transform Office space into smart, healthy and comfortable workspaces

Tracking the building occupant comfort has become a challenge for facility management teams across the world. Reactive systems, where action is taken post raising of ticket or complaint by occupants is squandering opportunity to improve occupant satisfaction and save energy at the same time. Never miss a beat to ensure Occupant’s comfort with OCES.



Our AI Driven Occupant Comfort Index (OCI) solution transforms office spaces into comfortable, healthier and energy efficient workplaces. Our solution enables a comprehensive workspace monitoring platform that is effective at ensuring occupants are happy and at their productive best to add value to their company.

IoT Sensors Suite

IoT based sensors that can be deployed at multiple locations of workspace to track regional environmental parameters like Temperature, Humidity, Lighting, Occupancy, Noise levels, Water leakages, air quality etc.

Maintenance Integration

The sensors and its data can be integrated with maintenance management suite to enable automated alerts using back end rules engine and AI based algorithms.

Automatic Work Requests & Alarms

The back-end Rules Engine skims through maintenance readings for trends, and alerts concerned stakeholders for potential issues. Also triggers the alarms when any compliance abnormality found, and the system raises work requests automatically.

Optional Tenant Portal

The system allows to monitor and control the environmental parameters of the Tenant spaces.It allows tenants to manually raise tickets to initiate actions that leads to better comfort.

Key Benefits

Improved productivity up to 20%

Reduced travel time for operators

Improve Occupant

Satisfaction and comfort

Eliminate Waste

Up to 25% cut in energy bills


Start transforming your buildings today

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