We Transform Buildings Into Low-Carbon & Sustainable Spaces

Facillizence empowers Commercial Real Estate building operations with real-time data and AI to simplify facility management and also helps in reducing carbon footprint.

Up to 25% potential savings on Operations, Maintenance & Energy

360 Degree real-time facility intelligence solution

That helps your facility become easier to operate, profitable to own, sustainable to maintain and comfortable to live

Facillizence was built with deep domain experience and customer focus

Customer Centric

Our platform was developed in close collaboration with Facility Management teams and insights gathered from over billion data points

Quick ROI

Less than 15 months break even for Facillizence investment, Over 200% return in less than 5 years.

Best Facilities Chose Us

Our product currently used by 4 top 5 Facility Management Companies in India

E2E Facility Digitization

State of the art and Intuitive software delivers value for all stakeholders from Building owners to Technicians

Our platform is equipped with latest technologies

Mobile First & Cloud Based

Our mobile apps help technicians become agile & Cloud enables managers’ access from office and remotely

AI Powered Insights

Our Technology is enhanced with ML (Machine Learning) algorithms to provide better insights that continuously improve over time

IOT Driven

Our proprietary Gateway and integration with3P energy performance and environmental sensors help collect necessary data at most affordable costs

Suitable for NEW & OLD Buildings

Integrates with buildings with or without BMS. Reuses existing building infrastructure


Lowered Maintenance repair Costs


Reduced Energy Wastage


Improved team productivity


Improved Asset Life

We help stakeholders across Facility management teams

Building Owners /
Portfolio Mangers

  • Asset Level Benchmark
  • Property Level Metrics
  • Team Performance Reports
  • Future Energy cost predictions for budgeting


  • Remote Access
  • Digital documentation Archive
  • Energy Saving Optimizations
  • Work Order Tracking
  • Automated Billing
  • Occupant Comfort Tracking
  • IoT Sensor Package

Facility /
Tenant Managers

  • Tenant specific Sub-metering Management Portal
  • Detailed Tenant Billing
  • Work order Raise & Tracking
  • Sustainability Compliant

Service Engineers /

  • Real Time Asset Metrics
  • Actionable Insights as Alerts
  • Fault Detection & Diagnosis
  • Verified Task Completion for PPM and other maintenance
  • Run-time based preventive maintenance
  • Condition based maintenance


Start transforming your buildings today

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